Killing Adverts on A Phuulish Fellow

After a long time going back and forth on the matter, I have decided to fork out for a wee upgrade to A Phuulish Fellow.

You see, one of the banes of having a free wordpress blog is that your internet masters foist annoying adverts on you. I cannot actually see them myself, except on my most recent post, but I know they’re there, and readers don’t like them. It’s one of the more critical bits of feedback I get – though hitherto, I’ve decided that the matter was out of my control.

Well, today that’s changed. The upgrade means I’ve killed those blasted adverts. Hopefully, that improves your reading experience. As I have previously noted, I don’t actually make a cent out of this blog, but I do care about the ability of people to actually read my rantings without extra irritation.


2 thoughts on “Killing Adverts on A Phuulish Fellow

  1. Will I still be able to see you Phuul? I have a dying browser, it’s Window 7, any modern platform disses it but mysteriously my credit card bill still arrives. “Be not the first by whom the new is tried, nor yet the last to leave the old aside” as my father used to say.

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