Wise Phuul


Genre: Steampunk-flavoured Dark Fantasy (Explanatory Post)

Page Count: 456

ISBN-13: 9781908600592

ISBN-10: 1908600594

Publisher: Inspired Quill (23rd November, 2016)


Walking corpses and black-market liquor: the quiet life.

Teltö Phuul, Necromancer and Library Clerk, likes his days safe and predictable. Not for him the intrigues of the Viiminian Empire, a gothic monstrosity held together by sheer force of will.

Until the Empire’s dreaded secret police come knocking. Caught in a web of schemes in the diseased heart of Kuolinako, the underground Imperial capital, Teltö can trust no-one. Not the Northern theocrats who abhor Necromancy, and certainly not the Grand Chancellor, whose iron-fisted rule has kept the old order alive that little bit longer.

When one false step means torture and disappearance, this journey will change our Necromancer forever.


“Wise Phuul is funny, inventive, irreverent. Stride has created a fantastical world which is wholly believable with a reluctant hero who is nothing if not marvellous. A rollicking adventure and a great read.” – Tina Shaw, Writer & Editor

“I can thoroughly endorse this book. A totally fresh setting.” – Craig Hallam, Author

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