My SCA [Society for Creative Anachronism] persona is that of Mielikko Karvulakki, and my major interest within the group is medieval and medieval-inspired poetry. For more about the SCA, please follow this link.

What follows is some of my SCA work, of varying quality.

Individual Poems

An Eventful Wednesday (September 2006) – Kalevala-style trochaic tetrameter (comic).

Beneath Southern Skies (October 2006) – Norse-style formal drapa, with refrain. Footnoted. Recited at the Royal Court of Canterbury Faire, 2007.

The Two Brothers (December 2006) – Norse-style alliterative verse.

The Black Dinner (May 2007) – Anapestic tetrameter alternating with rhyming anapestic trimeter, on the subject of the Scottish historical event.

Canossa Quatern (November 2007) – Rhyming French-style Quatern in iambic tetrameter, on the subject of the historical event.

The Ballad of a Beekeeper (January 2008) – Rhyming traditional ballad.

A Plea to the Council of Basel (May 2008) – Rhyming French-style Quatern in iambic tetrameter (comic).

Wonkas of the World Unite (October 2008) – Alliterative comic verse.

Amusement (undated) – Rhyming anapestic tetrameter (comic).

Yule Log Drottkvaett (June 2009) – Norse-style drottkvaett verse. Won the Yule Quill in 2009.

Praise of Ildhafn (February 2010) – Norse-style formal drapa, in praise of the Auckland group. Footnoted. 

The Most Reputable Disreputable Coffee House in the Known World (February 2013) – Beowulf-style alliterative verse, in praise of the Mong (the once-a-year coffee house at Canterbury Faire).

The Burly Men (February 2015) – Norse-style drottkvaett verse, in reference to the 2015 Burly Men of Canterbury Faire.

Vilkas’ Sketch (January 2018) – Norse-style drottkvaett verse, in the heat of 2018 Canterbury Faire.

Collections of shorter poems

Occasional drottkvaett verses (June 2006 – December 2007) – A collection of short Norse-style drottkvaett verse.

Sonnets (December 2006 – July 2008) – Seven English sonnets. A Foolish Sonnet (May 2008) won the Yule Quill in 2008.

Ghazals (May 2007 – June 2008) – Three Persian-style Ghazals.

Event poems

Kessog Event Poems (May 2006 – September 2006) – Norse-style alliterative verse, telling the tale of the college of St Kessog.

Canton Event Poems (October 2006 – April 2007) – Norse-style alliterative verses, telling the tale of the canton of Castleburn.


MACBRIEF (May 2006) – Parody play of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Performed at St Kessog’s first feast in 2006.

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