The Motueka Omicron Leak and Code Red

As of today, there has been a detection of community Omicron in Motueka – nine people having travelled to a wedding in Auckland in mid-January. The Government has responded by moving the country into Code Red – which, unfortunately, is not a lockdown. Caving to the Let it Rippers and Lord Haw Haws in the media will do that, though there is a case that a sufficient portion of the population have gone mad enough that you wouldn’t see enough proper compliance. Still, I would have liked to see the Government at least try. There’s much to be said for noble failure.

(Meanwhile, I dare say this would have never happened if the Government had kept MIQ stays at fourteen days, rather than ten. Again, caving to the media is never a good idea).

People are chasing up boosters in large numbers. I’m not eligible for mine until 20th February, but I did make a point of stocking up at the supermarket this evening. There had been a run on the bread and the cat-food, but luckily for me there were plenty of Baked Beans and potatoes left (my standard lockdown fare. Why yes, I am minimising public interactions for the next while).

It is possible that the outbreak might have been caught early enough that a reasonable lid can be kept on this – analogous to Queensland, prior to their state government making the cardinal sin of listening to the media. The key at this point is not opening the bloody borders. To do so would be to pour oil on a house fire… except that that muppet Hipkins has been making noises in that direction. Ugh. Even worse, despite the mountain of evidence that self-isolation does not work, the Government still keeps talking about it. Double ugh.

(Ironically, today was actually a pretty decent day in the Delta department. For the first time since August we have zero Covid patients in Intensive Care. A shame this has gone and ruined everything).

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