Old Phuul: Draft Finished

About half an hour ago, I became a very happy writer. My long-running effort at writing a sequel to Wise Phuul has finally borne fruit. Specifically, the draft manuscript for Old Phuul – starring Teltö’s elder sister, Rhea Phuul – is now complete at 102,172 words. This makes it a decently meaty book, though a tad shorter than the 108,000 words of Wise Phuul.

In theory, of course, this is just the first draft. And that is true – this is the first time the story has lain complete upon the page, from beginning to end. On the other hand, there have been countless revisions and rewrites over several years, with two full edits in the last couple of months alone. This should hopefully mean that the impending edits of the complete manuscript will take a matter of weeks, rather than months.

All this, of course, is reflective of a very intensive writing period. As of 31st October, 2022, the manuscript sat at around 61,400 words. By the end of November, it was 75,160 words. By the end of December, 94,560 words. I cracked 100,000 words yesterday, and finished the manuscript today. So clearly I can get things moving when I’ve actually got a plan*.

*Within reason. I am very much a proverbial pantser, and a fair number of these scenes were resolved while I was actually writing them.

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