The Return of The Last Libation: Another Re-Print

As previously indicated, November and December have been truly excellent months for working on Old Phuul. Almost as if using a laptop that isn’t falling to pieces actually encourages writing, rather than procrastination. The Old Phuul manuscript now sits at 88,200 words, and at this point I anticipate it being closer to 100,000 words when complete (maybe even a little bit over), rather than the earlier-envisaged 90,000. Which still likely means completion in January 2023 at the latest. There has been substantial rewriting and editing too, so hopefully I can get the novel submitted to the publisher fairly early in the New Year. So close to getting this particular monkey off the back…

(The major issue now is giving the book a vaguely satisfying ending, since Rhea’s story will continue into another volume).

This, of course, means that short story work (and arguably blog posting) has been on the backburner – albeit, I intend to get back to that once Old Phuul is done. On the other hand, I can report that my wine, madness, and Dionysus story, The Last Libation, has been reprinted in Eternal Haunted Summer’s special thirteenth anniversary edition, as part of a “Best of” anthology for the (Northern Hemisphere) Winter Solstice 2022:

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