The Masque of the Covid Breath: Testing Positive (+ Covid Diary)

Well, it had to happen eventually. A week ago, someone I live with tested Covid positive, and despite my best efforts (testing every day), today I finally succumbed. That dreaded second line on the RAT showed up bright and red.

It’s a decent effort, of course… making it until December 2022 for my first bout with the thing. Currently, I am a bit feverish, but there are no other symptoms.

Subsequent Covid Diary:

Day II: Woke up with pain in left leg. Nose somewhat runny.

Day III: Pains seem to have gone down, but fever back with a vengeance.

Day IV: Best day thus far. Appetite still minimal, and throat and mouth dry, but nothing nasty.

Day V: Not bad either. Some sneezing.

Day VI: Down to status of hay-fever.

Day VII: Appetite and everything else back to normal.

Day VIII: Slight runny nose returned.

Day IX: Same as yesterday. Tested negative on RAT.

Day X: Done with this thing.

3 thoughts on “The Masque of the Covid Breath: Testing Positive (+ Covid Diary)

  1. Sympathies! It’s a nasty virus.

    My experience of testing positive this year was the first couple of days began like a mild cold (congestion, soreness, tired) with those symptoms getting worse each day, then I found myself waking up experiening shivers, sharp throat pain and a cough that caused pain in my shoulders/ribs/back. Next day I woke up feeling like a horse had ran over my back. Those symptoms lasted two or so days, began getting better after a week I think.

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  2. My first 36 hours was the worst, but I’m older and immunocompromised. I had no sore throat or cough, but something wasn’t right, I felt very weak and I took my temperature to be sure something peculiar wasn’t going on. I had a high temperature; and then tested Covid positive. I’d never felt so weak; my legs would not hold me up at one point; I fell down. When I managed to get back up, I headed back to bed with some bottles of water and stayed there. In the morning, I contacted my medical team; they sent over a nice young paramedic to administer an IV with monoclonal antibodies. I rested for the next several days, though my temperature went down after two or three days I think. I believe the severity of my experience would have been much worse if I hadn’t been vaccinated and boostered. Nasty virus!

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