Dunedin Spring Snowglobe: 2022 Edition

I hate daylight saving. I really do. It’s the loss of an hour in the morning that just messes with me. But the arrival of daylight saving in mid-September is as good an indication as any that summer is on the way.

Alas, the weather has had other ideas… dumping a sizeable quantity of snow yesterday. Spring snows are pretty common in Dunedin, but not in October. This might be the latest in the year I can recall a snow-fall since I moved to Dunedin. Here is a friend’s photo from yesterday evening:

Alas, I did not take a photo myself. I did however venture out at 5 a.m. to drive back an acquaintance from work, at which point the streets were deserted, and the parked cars buried – for all the world like rows of little ice-caverns at the side of the road. As I write now, a combination of sun and rain has shifted most of the snow, but some of it remains, here and there. At least it’s not hanging around and turning to three-day sludge, like Dunedin snows often tend to do.

Addendum: Here’s another photo, this one taken by my parents, from a different part of town. There’s something vaguely strange about the sight of cabbage trees in snow.

One thought on “Dunedin Spring Snowglobe: 2022 Edition

  1. The picture looks lovely. This may be a grass is greener kind of deal but, having spent my entire life in the tropics, I’ve always fancied living somewhere with actual seasons, and I keep returning to colder landscapes in my writing. The lure of the exotic, I suppose. Here, the only meaningful seasonal differences are that summer is rainier and winter might condescend to allow for two or three days when wearing a sweater is not suicide by heatstroke.

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