The Impact of the Jackson Movies on Tolkien Fandom: The Silmarillion Writers Guild

Dawn Felagund over at The Silmarillion Writers Guild has been putting together an interesting look at the ways in which Tolkien fandom changed as a result of the Peter Jackson movies. In addition to the Tolkien Fanfiction Survey, she has been getting direct feedback from fans who were around in 2001-2003 and 2012-2014, and collating the results:

Yours Truly was one of the people who supplied feedback (and anyone else who wants to supply extra feedback still can). Anecdotally, to reinforce my quoted responses, it cannot be emphasised enough that the Jackson movies were not universally beloved in the lead-up to their release, and that Arwen in particular was a lightning rod in the fandom. I can really only look at the upcoming Rings of Power series, and think that history is repeating.

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