Useful Idiots for Useless Idiots: The Enablers of the Wellington Muppets

Sometimes, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Or in the case of certain people on the New Zealand political Left, when you are convinced that the State is Evil and that all protests against the State must be Good… you wind up in an extremely strange place. So you are literally seeing self-styled radicals cheering on the muppets occupying Parliament lawn.

Because “class struggle” apparently.

Class struggle, my arse.

Has the current Government been complicit in the entrenchment of wealth inequality in New Zealand? Sure it has. As has every New Zealand Government in my lifetime. Does that have anything to do with Vaccine Mandates? Nope. Vaccine Mandates have been a cornerstone of New Zealand’s Covid response. They have played a pivotal role in ensuring New Zealand’s excellent vaccination rates – rates that (together with other restrictions) have saved – and will save – the lives of thousands.

These Protests aren’t about wealth inequality. They aren’t about marginalisation (we’ll get to that). At their root, these protests are simply about the “right” not to care about the lives of other people. Far from being some heroic manifestation of class struggle against the evil authoritarian State, they are literally the poisonous manifestation of selfish entitlement, a product of a world obsessed with the individual at the expense of responsibility to the community. It’s a protest against the very foundation of Solidarity… and here we have ostensibly left-wing commentators – supposedly committed to the notion of Solidarity – cheering them on. Utter, utter madness.

(Chris Trotter wrote an excellent piece on this phenomenon a few days ago – Suffice to say, that if Karl Marx could see the people claiming to be his intellectual heirs in 2022, he would not be amused).

But here’s the funny thing. Hitherto, I have focused entirely on the ‘public’ demands of the Wellington protest. I haven’t mentioned the nooses, or the death threats against politicians, or the overt harassment of the Wellington public… all things that should differentiate this particular protest from normal activism. Because apparently focusing on such things is a matter of middle-class liberalism keeping the peasants down ( Except that if this is a matter of “out of touch” liberals decrying dirty peasants… why are the voices of New Zealand’s most privileged and powerful (Barry Soper, Kate Hawkesby, et al) going out their way to legitimise the protest? Why has the ostensibly “mainstream” leftist and academic, Bryce Edwards, been doing much the same?

Simple. Because this is less about class struggle, and more about the New Zealand political Right opportunistically piling onto criticism of the Labour Government. While the leadership of the National Party has (to its credit) refrained from any sort of overt collaboration… I’m starting to wonder about the nuttiness of some of its voter base.

Meanwhile, one might point to the eagerness of Russell Coutts – a millionaire yachtsman who has never protested anything in his life – to join in the protests. One might point to the late-model SUVs being parked illegally in central Wellington. One even might point to high petrol prices, and query about the expense of driving down from well-heeled places like Cambridge, for a glorified camping holiday in Wellington. For “marginalised” people, these are ones with curiously deep pockets. Never mind the Yoga Mats of the Crystal Karens and Ageing Hippies in the crowd, and the muppets who scream about losing their well-paid jobs because they refuse vaccination. None of that particularly screams “working class frustration” to me. It’s the voice of the privileged and the anti-social, as being amplified by the privileged and the anti-social. And some muppets on the Left are so desperate to grab hold of any “green shoot of socialism,” they can’t even see what is sitting before them.

Nor does it end there. Aforementioned Leftists – I’m looking at the likes of Martyn Bradbury here – are having enormous fun with the line that “Woke liberals are accusing the protestors of being Nazis!”, and then pointing out the presence of Maori in the crowd. As though it is absolutely impossible for Maori in New Zealand to be associated with the far-right (something I suspect the likes of Bradbury and his ilk don’t actually appreciate. Not all the critics of the protest are practitioners of identity politics, mate, and some of us acknowledge that the far-right comes in many flavours of ugly). And that’s quite apart from the fact that the protest has been denounced by genuine Maori radicals like Hone Harawira and Tama Iti – the former a key spokesman for real marginalised people in a genuinely poor part of the country. Waving a few flags in defence of bullshit does not change the fundamental fact that everything about these protestors reeks of bullshit. Bradbury must have lost his sense of smell.

So yeah. A depressing post for a depressing time in New Zealand’s history – very little good is currently coming out of this. I have yelled at the Police previously, and they have a lot to answer for, but honestly, this unholy alliance of intellectually bankrupt muppetry that currently infects media commentary on both Right and Left? It takes the cake. It really does.

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