The Nature of Middle-earth: Finished

As I have mentioned previously, I have been a bit behind the rest of the world, in terms of having access to the new Nature of Middle-earth volume, as edited by Carl Hostetter. In fact, whereas everywhere else saw the book in early September 2021, New Zealand’s release date of October was shunted into mid-November by supply chain issues… and my copy literally only arrived on 15th December.

Anyway, I finished the book tonight, and can report two relevant updates:

  • I will be doing a podcast interview about the book with Australian podcaster, ReadingTolkienPod ( Look out for this in the near future – it will basically be my review of the thing.
  • In light of the book’s brief chapter about Character Hair, I have had to update my old compendium of Elven Hair Colour information: – Ingwe and Gil-galad are added, together with additional information and references for other characters. NoME’s reference to Miriel having dark hair conflicts with an existing reference to her having silver hair.

Addendum: Here is the interview in question:

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