Son of Night – accepted

A nice bit of news to end the year. My 950-word short story (technically flash fiction at that length), ‘Son of Night,’ has been accepted by Noctivagant Press for their next issue.

This one has an interesting history. Initially written for a ‘Night’ themed issue, the premise is that Thanatos, the Greek God of Death, visits Sigmund Freud, and talks about his mother, Nyx/Night, during a psychiatry session (it’s Freud. Of course he does). But that was clearly a bit of a stretch for the issue theme, so the story was rejected – fair enough, of course – and I had to find another home for it.

After a bit of rewriting, the story then found a home with Noctivagant Press… though there were some temporary jitters when I thought I had managed to miss the deadline for their next issue by about half an hour. Clearly I managed it just in time. 🙂

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