The Adventures of Annalax: Volume XXV

Session Fifty-Four

This session was about tying up loose ends, and transitioning to something different (at last!).

Manya gave birth to the shadow creature thing the Hag had cursed her with. The child – which is growing quickly – is an aggressive little psychopath. Annalax still doesn’t know why we just don’t kill it. It’s an added complication the party doesn’t need. On the other hand, Manya seems to have accepted it, despite the fact that the thing is explicitly a curse.

Meanwhile, Ember approached Annalax, with a suggestion. He wants to get his hands on some hidden Drow religious scripture. It has been established to Annalax that this religious scripture is not actually against Her Ladyship (Lolth being explicitly neutral about the thing), but Annalax really does not want to mess with the power hierarchy in the Underdark:

  • EMBER: “Don’t you want to demonstrate how strong and clever you are?”
  • ANNALAX: “I know I’m not stronger or cleverer than the High Priestesses. I also like living.”

It is a matter for further investigation, however.

Then it was finally off to the next town.

On the journey, Annalax had a conversation with Melania, Thendwyn’s adopted orphan. Melania was raised in a city of War Clerics in the Dreamland, and is quite the little Amazonian. Which also means that (1) she says her nightly prayers to the War God, and (2) she is really, really into the idea of Glory.

Annalax offered to teach her Magic, if she stopped with the War God worship, but that didn’t work. He also tried to convince her that there is No Such Thing as Glory (only survival), but that too didn’t work. Oh well. There was also a paraphrased conversation that went along these lines:

  • ORPHAN: “Women are superior to men?”
  • ANNALAX: “Yes. Just as Drow are superior to non-Drow.”
  • ORPHAN: “Why are Drow superior?”
  • ANNALAX: “Because we are Her Ladyship’s chosen people.”
  • ORPHAN: “Why does that make you superior?”
  • ANNALAX: “Because it does.”

Annalax isn’t a Cleric, of course. He’s basically a medieval merchant’s son, confronted with the question of Christianity vs Islam… having to resort to “Because the Priest says so.”

On arrival at the next town, Annalax used his Thieves Cant to hunt around for Roguish hospitality.

Session Fifty Five.

This next town was significantly larger, and was primarily notable for its fondness for all things herbal. Plants, plants everywhere… with the ruling clique being a group of Druids. Elknel, Ember, and Einarr spent some time with the Druids, even discovering that the local goddess is apparently Lolth’s aunt.

(Annalax’s view? Lolth has no aunt. Lolth needs no aunt. And if she does, it is certainly none of his business).

Annalax was, however, able to find the local Rogues. Who, appropriately enough, specialise in herbal merchandise.

In return for promising to help them out with some drug running, Annalax organised accommodation for the party. Einarr took great interest in the Rogues’ stockpile of aphrodisiacs for some reason (albeit, it took some time to make him understand that ‘pecker’ does not refer to chicken beaks).

Einarr was also able to offload some pillaged items at the town Jewellers. He got a surprisingly good price for them too, which might have been a result of shopkeeper terror.

On learning that this town had a Jewellers, and moreover that “sapphires were all the rage,” Annalax had an idea. He headed over to the Jewellers, and cast Disguise Self…

  • DM: “Roll Stealth.”

Annalax rolled a natural 1. Not to worry, he was wearing his special cloak, that gives him advantage on Stealth checks.

Annalax rolled another natural 1.

Annalax is a DEX 20 Rogue, with Expertise in Stealth. His Stealth modifier is +11… and (with advantage!) he managed two Critical Fails. Ouch. Sometimes the dice just hate you.

(Why, yes. It was time for Dice Jail).

Annalax abandoned his jewellery scheme, and headed to the tavern instead. There he found a group of rough sorts betting on dice. Annalax decided to join in, albeit for trivial stakes (five copper coins).

He used his Sleight of Hand to cheat, of course. Not that it did him any good. While his Sleight of Hand gave him advantage, and his opponent disadvantage… Annalax rolled 11 and 12, and the opponent 13 and 14. Ouch.

Worse, on the next round, his opponent rolled a natural 20 on spotting his cheating. Double ouch. Annalax cast Invisibility on himself, and fled the tavern.

(The Dice Gods really decided to smite Annalax this session).

But our Drow wasn’t done yet. He went back to the Rogues’ Hideout, and enquired about two things:

(1) The identity and residences of the people who had caught him cheating.

(2) The drug most hated by the local constabulary. Which he promptly purchased from the Rogues’ stockpile.

So that night, Annalax simply broke into the houses of the tavern-goers, and left some kakilma leaf in compromising positions. Then, after disguising himself as Godriel (of all people), he dobbed his victims into the Town Guards. The only real crime these people had committed? Catching Annalax cheating at something. Why, yes, Annalax is not nice. Not nice at all.

Annalax has also learned of an extremely wealthy and extremely feared local nobleman, one Lord Kamon. He has another scheme up his sleeve there too…

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