The Adventures of Annalax: Volume XXIV

Session Fifty-Two.

Good to have my character back.

To cut a long story short, everyone save Annalax and Elknel started in prison, chained up by the Hags. The helpful Nightmare (the one who did a deal with Zhan) turned up, tricked a guard, and obtained the prison key. In return, Zhan allowed the Nightmare to hide in his Dreamscape, a pocket dimension. So the party was free… except for Manya, who had been put elsewhere.

Annalax and Elknel were told (via a psychological message from the Emissaries of the Shadow Cat) to use their Silver Keys. They did so, only to find themselves reunited with their companions.

Annalax’s immediate thought was to seek confirmation that these were indeed his companions, and not Nightmares in their form. Einarr responded by demanding strong drink… which was good enough, I suppose.

Then it was off to hunt down the Hags. Whom we found easily enough, because the Level 11 characters were distracting their servants. There were three of them – two Dusk Hags and one Night Hag – and they were busy doing unspeakable things to Manya. And by unspeakable things, I mean she was bound to a wooden cross-beam X thing, like Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.

Annalax’s response? The time-honoured Fog Cloud and Hide. He actually wasn’t interested in attacking the Hags directly… that was for his doofus companions. No, Annalax was using Mage Hand to actually get Manya out of there.

Except that he kept rolling terribly. Luckily Manya was able to break herself free, while the Hags were dealt with in short order.

There was a parting shot though. The three party members responsible for directly killing the Hags found themselves on the wrong end of a Deadly Curse. Einarr found himself twisted even further into Devil form. Elknel got cursed with Lycanthropy, and Manya founded herself pregnant with a Nightmare Baby.

Oh dear.

Complicating matters… the party stumbled across a Magic Mirror, which pulled everyone who looked into it into a mirror dimension, where they met their mirror-doubles. Ember, Elknel, and Zhan were pulled in. Annalax, Einarr, Thendwyn, and Manya were sensible enough to stay away. In fact, Annalax got a couple of the Emissaries to pop through and take a look, while carefully removing the Mirror from the wall, and bundling it into his cloak. He had ideas for that Mirror.

Alas, the fools were finally able to escape, and the Mirror was broken for Magical Reasons. Oh well. Annalax can console himself that he got his hands on a Straight Razor that only cuts in the dark. Which is just asking for a new business venture.

Session Fifty-Three

A level-up, the first in a long time. Annalax grabbed the Drow High Magic feat. Not necessarily the strongest feat out there, but one that should prove fun. He also grabbed the Web spell (thematic), and swapped out the useless Parley cantrip for Mind Sliver.

So Annalax’s current stats:

Class: Rogue (Arcane Trickster)/Level Eight

  • STR: 9
  • DEX: 20
  • CON: 11
  • INT: 15
  • WIS: 10
  • CHA: 12
  • Will Power: 10
  • Cantrips: Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Mind Sliver, Dancing Lights, Prestidigitation, Shape Water
  • Level 1: Dusk Warp, Disguise Self, Silent Image, Sleep, Detect Magic (At Will), Darkness (once a day), Faerie Fire (once a day), Fog Cloud (once a day), Levitation (once a day), Dispel Magic (once a day)
  • Level 2: Invisibility, Web

In-game, it was back to the town, where the townspeople had been returned after their stint in the Dreamland.

Einarr’s reward for levelling up was a dream-trip to Hell, where he met the Hell-versions of dead companions, Kirius and Magni. Both of whom are quite keen on destroying the Eternal Flame.

Elknel has romantically fallen for Yvette, the village girl whom the town was previously intending to sacrifice to the Nightmares. Fade to Black, and all that.

Manya’s Nightmare Pregnancy (think Rosemary’s Baby, I suppose) is an on-going issue. Annalax’s suggestion of forced abortion didn’t fly because this is Magical. My own head-canon, incidentally, is that Drow are just fine with abortions.

The big-ticket item of the session was the Emissaries of the Shadow Cat putting Zhan on trial for collaborating with the Nightmares. Or at least doing a deal with one of them.

Annalax didn’t like this. As far as he’s concerned, our party mission was dealing with the Hags. If the Shadow Cat has issues with Nightmares… that’s its affair, not ours. Neither Annalax nor Zhan follow the Shadow Cat, and claiming that they owe any duty to it feels wrong. Besides, Annalax is (at heart) a businessman. He understands the importance of risk-taking and gambles, and the deal with this Nightmare ultimately paid off. So Annalax spoke up in Zhan’s defence.

But the end result was that Zhan received some lectures on the importance of party co-operation. Zhan has also repaid the loan from Annalax in gratitude.

The session ended with a look at Zhan’s weird Dreamscape, with its extensive library and tower.

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