A Struggle for Legibility II: Electric Fontaloo

As I noted back in January 2020, I am aware of the difficulties people have expressed in reading A Phuulish Fellow, and have taken steps to make the damn thing more readable. Hitherto, that has taken the form of adding pictures, and going back through the archives to break up large paragraphs. I still do archive house-cleaning from time to time, while I like to think that changing the font last year made at least some difference.


In recent times, however, I have been playing around with Customising the website’s colour scheme. I have always been cautious of this, out of fear of accidentally deleting something. But at last I think I’ve settled on something that might work a bit better than the infamous grey-on-black. Blue links look a tad weird, but I can live with that.

Please, let me know if you are still finding problems – or whether I have made the problems worse.

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