The Complete (Screen) Tom Bombadil: 1971-1993

With the rediscovery of the lost Soviet Lord of the Rings, the time has come for the important things in life.

Specifically, compiling the Tom Bombadil scenes from the three known screen adaptations that feature him:

This is a collection of scenes from:

– Sagan om Ringen (1971: Sweden)
– Khraniteli (1991: USSR)
– Hobitit (1993: Finland)

Interestingly, the Soviets are the only ones to include Goldberry, whereas the Finns are the only ones to include the barrow blades. The Swedes are the only ones with Gildor and Glorfindel, albeit that is outside the scope of this Bombadil-focused video.

Neither Ralph Bakshi (1978) nor Peter Jackson (2001) include Tom, of course. Which means that Tom has never appeared on-screen in a visual English-language Tolkien adaptation.

4 thoughts on “The Complete (Screen) Tom Bombadil: 1971-1993

  1. Well, that one blew my mind. 45 years ago, I tripped across an LP by Bo Hansson called “Music Inspired by the Lord of the Rings”. Despite the backbreaking price ($4.99) I bought it, listened to it a few times, only liked the track called “Shadowfax”, and forgot about it. Fast forward to today: the first few seconds of that video sounded familiar — that old LP was the soundtrack from Sagan om Ringen!


  2. Thank you. Neat compilation of the live-action Tom Bombadil-s. 🙂 I hope you’ll also do a similar treatment for the radio series that featured him, at some point in the future. Short audio excerpts of how he sounded in each series, rather than visual material. I think the Tom heard in our country’s radio series was well done.

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    • I’d definitely like to (even in a non-English radio adaptation, Tom Bombadil is the sort of character that stands out). Problem is, hunting down free versions of the radio adaptations is easier said than done. There’s the Slovak one, of course… but the BBC and the Germans seem to maintain quite a hold on copyright.

      (Speaking of copyright – it is a crying shame that the full version of the Sagan om Ringen can not be shown outside Sweden, which forces us to fall back on clips and file-shares).


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