Think of the Kiwis: Boycotting Cadbury’s Chocolate

It’s an interesting one. Earlier this year, Cadbury’s Chocolate managed to get itself offside with religious fundamentalists over an advertisement showing gay men eating a creme egg:

Now, a cynic might suggest that this all plays into Cadbury’s plan – by finding itself offside with such groups, Cadbury’s improves its public image with everyone who isn’t onboard with religious fundamentalism. It’s essentially betting that the positives (people on Twitter praising its ‘bravery’) outweigh the negatives (religious types hyperventilating across the Atlantic). In short, it is a commercial decision to exploit modern culture wars for potential profit.

There is, however, one fly in the ointment. Namely that putting on a gay-friendly image does nothing to change the fact that Cadbury’s (and their owner, Mondelez International) are just as vicious and money-hungry as any other corporate entity.

Less than four years ago, Cadbury’s closed its (profitable) factory in my home city of Dunedin, New Zealand, at the cost of 350 local jobs. Dunedin is still economically hurting from that, and many people here still refuse to buy Cadbury’s Chocolate as a result (–ever-again).

No amount of culture war manipulation can cover that one up. So, on the off-chance that you stumble across this blog post… I’d suggest that boycotting Cadbury’s Chocolate is actually a noble cause this Easter, even if you happen to support gay rights. Advertising is neither here nor there, but jobs matter to a small city like this one.

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