The Madness of King Covid the Third: Back to Level 2

It was all going so well. The Coronavirus was safely contained – we had been in Level 1 since September 2020 – and an impending vaccine loomed. The strict lockdown measures of March-May 2020 were a distant memory, and while the August-September 2020 Auckland outbreak hung around for longer than expected, we got over that one too. Things looked to be on the upswing.

Until tonight. Three new community cases in Auckland, all in the same family:

Which means New Zealand is about to go through its third stint of Coronavirus clampdowns. Auckland is going into Level 3 lockdown for three days, with the rest of the country going into Level 2. Not formal lockdown, just a general tightening around social interactions:

Based off last August, this is less likely to be a three-day thing, and more like a month.

Addendum: I was wrong. Notwithstanding another community case, as of 18th February, we’re back at Level 1. Yay.

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