A Phuulish Fellow Turns Five Years Old

On 25th November, 2015, this humble blog made its debut. Five years to the day later… it has evolved into something I could not have predicted.

In the early days, of course, it was primarily about my own writing, and thoughts on the wider fantasy genre. Since then it has also picked up Tolkien analysis, George R.R. Martin stuff, New Zealand political rants, Dungeons & Dragons characters, thoughts on classical and medieval literature, and even Legal Weirdness. Plus the monthly reading log, and other bits and pieces. It’s a very eclectic and organic blog, which, depending on what is pressing on my mind at the time, means that the subject matter is always variable. For those who just want articles on individual themes, whether it be Tolkien or anything else, that Categories section on the right-hand side is definitely your friend.

2020 just illustrates the strange and sprawling direction of A Phuulish Fellow. While I am better known as a Tolkien Blogger than as a writer in my own right, it may interest you to know that my most-viewed post of 2020 (that was actually written in 2020) is not Tolkien-related. It’s actually a rant about fandom’s response to the Castlevania television series. Moreover, my third most-viewed post this year is a 2019 piece on the best order to read Plato’s Dialogues, a situation that definitely makes me smile. Clearly the international pandemic (and associated lockdowns) has sparked renewed interest in ancient classics – the Plato Boom coincides quite closely with the arrival of the Coronavirus.

While March to May 2020 was very definitely my very own Journal of the Plague Year, so to speak (hence the yellow and black Quarantine Flags), October and November has been pretty political. Since it’s the once-in-twelve years when the US Presidential Election coincides with New Zealand’s own three-year election cycle, that is not a surprise. As ever, the binge is only a temporary one, determined by current events. Once we know more about the Lord of the Rings Amazon TV series, I fully expect to be writing more on that topic. That is the handy thing about having Tolkien as subject matter – he’s so damned perennial.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, my readers. Regardless of what brought you here, I hope you have found it a worthwhile experience. And don’t worry – I do realise that legibility is a perennial issue, and do periodically tidy up older posts to make them more user-friendly. If the dark-and-grey theme is bugging you, I can also recommend adding amp to the end of whichever article’s URL you are dealing with.

So yeah. Five years – which makes it a fairly old blog by internet standards – and a total of 502 posts, including this one. I had hoped to make this one the grand 500th, but it did not turn out that way. The real 500th was actually my piece about how the New Zealand election was not rigged. 2020… the year when nothing quite went to plan.

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