Prediction for Tomorrow (2020 Edition)

It feels like an eternity, but four years ago I made a grossly wrong prediction on the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election. Since being wrong has never stopped me before, I thought I’d have another go in 2020. Here it is:

For those keeping track at home, that’s Biden winning the 2016 Clinton States, plus Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. As one can guess, I’ve opted for comparative caution, in light of 2016 surprises – this is a closer contest than most other predictions floating around the internet. Also, I am aware that flipping Pennsylvania on this map results in the dreaded 269-269 tie, with all that entails.

(I’m an outside observer, of course, but whereas New Zealand Politics is so dull, US Politics provides hours of entertainment for Political Junkies. Plus, the outcome in the US affects us all).

Update: As of 14th November, it seems I was right about everywhere, except for Georgia and Nebraska’s Second Congressional District. Not a bad guess.

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