The Adventures of Annalax: Volume VII


Time for another Annalax update.

To recap on party composition (something I should probably have specified earlier).

Original party composition:

  • Annalax, Drow Rogue
  • Fortress, Warforged Fighter
  • Ember, Human Barbarian
  • Kirius, Tiefling Warlock
  • Magni, Aasimar Warlock
  • Moonie, Dreamland Cat Artificer
  • Fatimah, Lizardfolk Druid

Kirius and Fatimah are dead, and Moonie and Fortress have left the party (Fortress’ player has left the game). Ember’s mutated in-game to become a Nocturne Barbarian, a scary feline thing. So that leaves Annalax and Magni as the only unchanged survivors.

Current party composition:

  • Annalax, Drow Rogue
  • Ember, Nocturne Barbarian
  • Kakh, Loxodon Barbarian
  • Magni, Aasimar Warlock
  • Musud, Naga Warlock
  • Daralus, Variant Human Monk

Name: Annalax (Drow Rogue – Arcane Trickster – Level 5)

  • STR: 9
  • DEX: 20
  • CON: 11
  • INT: 15
  • WIS: 10
  • CHA: 12
  • Will Power*: 10


  • Innate: Faerie Fire (once a day), Darkness (once a day), Dancing Lights (at will)
  • Cantrips: Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Parley*, Prestidigitation [Magical Initiate], Shape Water [Magical Initiate]
  • 1st Level: Disguise Self, Spider’s Kiss*, Dusk Warp,* Fog Cloud [Magical Initiate, once a day], Silent Image



We took the train back to Dreamland Earth. Annalax continued to stuff his face with Leng Spider Caviar, the Loxodon (he of the 7 WIS) got drunk, and our Monk showed off her pet slime in a jar. Ember found the slime interesting, Annalax less so.

We were immediately taken to see the King, who was having a jolly old time in a tavern with his Paladin guards. We handed over the crown, and each of us received 200 platinum coins (so 2000 gold). Yay. Annalax also persuaded the King to undertake genocidal necessary measures against the Moonbeasts, though his attempt to get a one percent cut of future bounty payments was a bridge too far. Oh well. The (intoxicated) King didn’t take offence, and even paid 800 gold for a 100 gold identifying pearl – Annalax said it had been found in the same building as the crown, which was technically true, but misleading as hell. It was a pearl that had belonged to the Tiefling, and had been given to Annalax to sell on behalf of the party.

While this was going on, the drunk Loxodon challenged one of the guards to a fight. Which entertained everyone. The Loxodon lost, of course.

Then Magni the Aasimar Warlock approached Annalax with a plan.

You see, the Moon train – whose ownership so interested Annalax – was powered by an enslaved fire elemental. This naturally didn’t bother Annalax, but for our Aasimar, it did matter. Magni wanted Annalax to help free the elemental. 

Annalax’s initial price? Half the Aasimar’s future earnings. A brutal offer, and one that Annalax never actually expected would be taken up. You see, Annalax quite liked the Moon train. It had caviar, and comfortable seats, and it would be needed if the King was to put effort into genociding suppressing the Moonbeast menace.

The Aasimar, of course, declined. But the two did come to an eventual agreement – Magni would help Annalax kill his sister (back story!) in return for our Drow helping free the fire elemental.

The third key figure was the Loxodon. With the crazy elephant-thing tearing up the back of the train, Magni and Annalax snuck aboard, using Annalax’s Disguise Self. After a further use of Fog Cloud (Annalax) and Misty Step (Magni), the fire elemental was freed. It actually went a bit crazy, wiping out a good few guardsman before escaping.

Oh, and Annalax used Minor Illusion to create the image of a Moonbeast’s floating head. Which hopefully fooled spectators into thinking that this was really the fault of the Moonbeasts… further convincing everyone in the city of the need for Luna genocide suppression measures. Annalax is still rather miffed about the destruction of the train though. 


Everyone made a clean getaway (disguise helps), and we ended up at the Church of the Bloated Woman, the local Dreamworld cult devoted to hedonism and debauchery. You see, Annalax had to return a holy symbol from Kirius the Tiefling – and he felt he’d earned a night off.

So, Annalax went off to get… chastised… at the hands of the Church’s resident female Drow. Ahem. Meanwhile, the rest of the party were spending their money on getting very, very drunk. Seriously, the Loxodon and the Aasimar were throwing around platinum coinage like it was copper, and were generally having a great time (blurting out character backstory while they were at it). They also met up with the replacement character for the Dreamland Cat, a Naga Warlock, and were busy chatting with him when Annalax returned. Annalax (via the Tiefling) has a necklace that lets him speak serpentine, so unknown to the rest of the party, he tried to persuade the Naga of the righteous ways of Lolth. He didn’t do too badly, actually.

Apart from that, the rest of the session consisted of the Loxodon getting even more drunk, and somehow managing to play an incredibly beautiful tune on the violin (he rolled two natural twenties… at disadvantage). The Loxodon also managed to burn Annalax’s arm. To cover up the scar, the Naga obligingly paid the female Drow to tattoo a spider over the burn. Annalax wasn’t too miffed – someone else was paying, it was a female Drow doing the operation, and we know his view of pain. Ahem.


The start of next session – the day after the drinking – saw an interesting development. The Dreamland Cat was forcibly conscripted by the King, for transportation purposes. You see, the Cats are the only means of travel to the Moon now, so the King rather needs them. So we never got a chance to say farewell to Moonie.

We did get a chance to say farewell to the Warforged – who is staying with the Elderly Arcanologist for research purposes. Awww. The Warforged shared 100 platinum coins between Annalax, Ember, and Magni, and gave Annalax his circlet of blasting on top of that. Double awww.

A major priority before leaving the city was visiting the potion shop. Annalax made his most expensive expenditure in the entire campaign so far – he bought himself six lesser healing potions and eight greater healing potions, totalling some 130 platinum (1300 gold pieces). Ouch. But Annalax likes living, so he figured it worth the cost. The shopkeeper kept pushing his stockpile of aphrodisiacs, for some reason, though no-one bought that.

Once out of the shop, the Naga obligingly cast invisibility on Annalax, so Annalax snuck back in, and made off with a couple of superior healing potions (worth 600 gold pieces total). He gave one to the Naga and kept the other himself. The Loxodon suggested that he should have made off with the spent money too… but Annalax decided against it. He knows not to push his luck with thievery.

Next stop was the Mountains of Kadath. To get there, we needed to find a ship. We also had two choices of destination: the port of Ingenook, where we would face a climb into the mountains, or the port of Sarmook, den of pirates, smugglers, and other low lifes gentlemen of flexible morality. Annalax was very keen on Sarmook. Sure, we’re carrying valuable items, but he’s a Rogue. Dealing with such people is what he does, primarily because he is one himself. Ember informed him that the correct word was ‘criminal’, to which Annalax’s response was ‘only if you get caught.’

But the majority of the party opted for Ingenook.

We worked our passage aboard the ship. Annalax’s high dexterity and decent perception put him up in the rigging, and on night-time lookout. The Loxodon meanwhile was hauling anchor… and singing as he went.

Then the Naga decided to cast Silence on the Loxodon. Oh dear. The Loxodon was not happy, and managed to convince the Monk’s skunk familiar to spray the Naga as payback (the skunk, incidentally, has been established as not very bright. I personally imagine it as being a skunk version of Father Jack from Father Ted).



The Naga was accordingly stuck with skunk smell for half the voyage. Annalax – who has Prestidigitation – offered to cure the smell. For a price. And that price was the other superior healing potion.

The Naga declined. Somewhat brashly, though after a few more days, he tried to resume ‘remove the odour’ negotiations. Oh dear.

  • ANNALAX: “What have you got to offer?” 
  • NAGA: “I’ll help you get all the Drow women you want.”
  • ANNALAX: *jaw drops*

Yes, the Naga had just violated a massive Drow cultural taboo. And Annalax – who has had respect for women literally beaten into him all his life – was supremely pissed off. So, as his own payback, he kept casting Prestidigitation on the Naga to make the Naga smell of skunk long after the skunk attack had worn off. The poor Naga didn’t know what to make of it… perfumes did not appear to work, so he was reduced to offering things to the skunk as recompense. Annalax suggested the healing potion… but the Naga declined.

On arriving at Ingenook, Annalax, the Loxodon, and the Naga went to the city Bath House. The Naga went into solitary to purge himself of the smell – by this point, Annalax finally relented, satisfying himself that the Naga had to pay for clothing cleaning. Shape Water meant that Annalax enjoyed himself a nice bubble bath. 

After that, it was catching up with the rest of the party at the tavern. There seemed to be some indication that a pair of people in town were looking for extras to travel with them into the mountains… and were willing to pay. A local guide and a payday at once? Brilliant. Yes, the Mountains of Kadath are extremely dangerous, but we’d survived the Moon, right?

The end of the session was a cliffhanger. An angry Paladin burst through the tavern door, yelling at the Naga. He’d been pursuing him for a very, very long time, and looked to be a religious fanatic of some description.


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