The Adventures of Annalax: Volume V


Time for another Annalax update.

Three sessions of no combat ended rather abruptly at the end of the previous week, with an ambush by Moonbeasts. Specifically four Moonbeasts and their merry collection of zombies. Magical Moonbeasts, who were inclined to cast substantial necrotic damage, Bane, and (most importantly for Annalax) Hold Person. The (beefy) zombies were also inclined to shoot a substantial number of arrows.

Annalax failed his Wisdom saving throw against Hold Person… and then continued to fail to break out of it. And again. And again. He actually had no actions for the first five rounds of combat, due to the dice trying to kill him. To make matters worse, when he did break out, a blind Moonbeast successfully evaded his once-a-day Faerie Fire. And it’s daylight on the Moon, so no Sneak Attack.

But the Moonbeasts – who may have been trying to take us prisoner – were more interested in knocking out the burlier members of the party. Or at least knocking out those with meaningful capacity to fight in the daytime. A fair number of Annalax’s colleagues were reduced to zero HP, and Annalax could only stand there and watch, accumulating ever more stress in the process. He did actually pass his Stress Limit again… attracting the Masochism quirk again, though this time he was joined by the stressed-out Dreamland Cat and the Tiefling. Talk about the Masochism Tango.

The one useful thing Annalax managed this session? Casting Minor Illusion to create the sound of a Moon Rhinoceros stampede (Lunoceros!), which had the opposition running for cover… at least before they realised the truth, and turned around. Annalax ended the session hiding with the Elderly and Intoxicated Arcanologist NPC, while the rest of the party were still getting knocked about.


The next session proved a bit more fruitful. Annalax used his excellent stealth to creep back to the fight, and Mage Handed a healing potion down the throat of the unconscious Dreamland Cat. You see, the cat not only had two potions of his own, but also Healing Word. In short, having the cat up and about again did wonders for the party. Annalax then darted into the Aasimar Warlock’s Smoke Cloud. A combination of attacking from stealth, and the allies-within-five-feet rule meant that from there he could actually have Sneak Attack. Yay.

It wasn’t perfect – the Zombies were immune to the poison damage, and the Moonbeasts kept passing their saving throws against poison – but it was better than doing nothing. At length, one Moonbeast obligingly ended its attack and tried to surrender. Annalax shot it, of course. He missed, in what amounted to his first miss in the entire campaign, but he’s still a self-respecting Drow. He’s not taking a useless and untrustworthy prisoner in these circumstances, and there’s no point in torturing information out of a captive when he’s already got the Arcanologist on hand. It was all a bit moot anyway, since one of the other party members took the Moonbeast out themselves, and some of these overworlders object to torture. For some reason.

So yeah… we won the fight. After that, it was a small matter of grabbing and dividing loot. There was little of interest to Annalax, though he did take two dice sets, and some swords to sell later. One of the Moonbeasts actually had a letter from its wife… though the Aasimar kept that information to himself. If the poor sensitive Tiefling had known, he’d have arranged for the dead Moonbeast to be sent home, with apologies. If Annalax had known, he’d have pointed out that the wife could always find someone new. He’s a Drow. Men are expendable.

(Though the Tiefling did also loot about thirty gold without declaring it to the company. Annalax didn’t see it, and doesn’t know about it. But I think he’d perversely approve if he did know. These overworlders are just hypocrites).

From there, it was a trip to a cave. Annalax fully approved of spending time in a cave, but, alas, it was only temporary. The journey took us back out into that horrible daylight, home to any number of terrible lurking creatures. Our Barbarian spotted one flying tentacled monstrosity, which attracted a fair amount of party speculation. Annalax was firmly of the view that the sooner we got our hands on the crown, the sooner we could get out of this place… quibbling about ancient knowledge and strange creatures is a recipe for getting killed. Unfortunately, not everyone quite shared this view. Our Monk became a bit bemused by a huge slime creature at the end of the session… a slime creature that also recognised the eldritch abomination that is our Warforged.


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