The Adventures of Annalax: Volume IV


Time for another fortnightly Annalax update.

The ruler of the city – the chap who summoned us at the end of the previous session – offered us a mission. He wished to obtain a rare artefact, a crown, from the Moon. As one does.

Now, the rest of the party dithered a bit over this. You see, there appeared to be some indication that the (magical) crown could be used to enslave entire cities. These party members were worried that our employer might abuse the item. Annalax, of course, took the viewpoint that one ought not to look a gift-spider in the fangs. If Dreamworld cities get enslaved, it is none of his business. And the financial reward was very enticing.

The remainder of the session involved various preliminaries to our visit to the Moon. There were some interesting side plots. Our Barbarian is now part-feline, with the ears, eyes, and tail to match. Our Warforged Fighter (he of 7 CHA) cannot lie to save himself, and those of us with decent Charisma struggled to lie to save him too. Annalax himself noticed that our Tiefling Priest/Warlock was excessively fond of giving gifts to the Homeless – which Annalax finds absurd. To paraphrase Mary Poppins, feed the Homeless and you get Fat Homeless.

So Annalax decided that this foolish practice ought to be taken advantage of. He used Disguise Self to pose as a homeless beggar, and persuaded the Priest to give him two gold pieces and a bottle of fine wine. The Tiefling went away happy, and so did Annalax. It was a win-win con.

It was the wine that most interested Annalax. You see, via befriending a drunk local aristocrat, Annalax was able to sell a good number of accumulated bottles. A bottle of posh fey wine went for 276 gold. Three bottles of spider wine and that ‘fine wine’ later, Annalax walked away with 456 gold. That was after giving 150 gold to the Aasimar Warlock who had initially bought the spider wine (for seven gold apiece), and a further ten to the Dreamland Cat for helping. The Dreamland Cat was rather suspicious about this. And for good reason.

Then there was the train journey to the Moon (First Class, at our employer’s expense). Annalax stuffed his face with Leng Spider Caviar the entire way. He’s a lower class Drow, remember. It’s about as close as he can get to feeling like a noble, short of feeding slaves to giant spiders.


Next session, Annalax spent a fair amount of time schmoozing with some local businessmen (the businessmen all being Dreamland Cats). Nothing like talking commerce, while also finding out about this strange Moon train. It turned out that the train was family-owned, having magically appeared one day (ergo, it’s a monopoly). Also, one of the cats’ businesses had just found a major new gold deposit. Annalax, of course, took a mental note that the price of silver relative to gold is about to increase (maybe he’ll find time to abuse Gresham’s Law?). Our party’s Dreamland Cat Alchemist decided to buy shares. Annalax did not. But he has ideas.

Once on the Moon, we were immediately subjected to a sudden surprise stampede of Moon rhinoceroses (Lunoceroses). The party got out the way. Mostly. Our Tiefling Priest and Warforged Fighter got clobbered a bit… and Fatimah, our Lizardfolk Druid, got killed. As in, relentlessly crushed by a series of monstrous animals (she is now affectionately nicknamed Flatimah). The player has rolled up a new character, a plague-doctor Monk.

(There was also a NPC wizard with us, who lost 33 HP from a starting point of 9… he was basically crushed into paste. Annalax was mildly miffed that we wasted good space mead on him – space mead allows us to venture across the Moon without suffocating).

The party (with the new addition) then regrouped at a Moon tavern. Annalax tried, and failed, to foist off the dreaded laxative cake, but with no success. Alas. Though he did learn the brand name of the tavern’s most expensive wine.

And then we ventured out onto the Moon. Our quest for the magical crown faces the twin perils of time (space mead has temporary effect), and Moonbeasts – a generic term for the eldritch horrors that populate the landscape. Think something out of The Night Land, but toned down. Poor old Annalax’s terrible Strength means he failed an Athletics check, and had to be carried by the Warforged.

The Moonbeasts ambushed us at the end of the session, courtesy of the entire party rolling terrible perception checks (Annalax managed 10, as in 6+4. Everyone else was worse). On the bright side, we have one extra NPC Fighter, as a guide, and one extra Elderly NPC Arcanologist to help… though the Tiefling got the latter drunk on spider wine, so I doubt he’ll be of much use.


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