The Last Libation – accepted


Another good bit of news: my 2000-word insanity-and-Dionysus piece, The Last Libation, has been accepted for the upcoming Summer Solstice edition of Eternal Haunted Summer. Winter Solstice here, of course, but it’s a Northern Hemisphere Magazine.

While I have made it an aim to focus on Old Phuul in 2020 (an aim rather displaced by the Coronavirus – I’ve found Quarantine kills creativity), I still have a number of short stories accumulated from previous years. The Last Libation is one of those – and, as mentioned, it has only now found a home.

The story was actually inspired by an Overly Sarcastic Productions YouTube video about the Cult of Dionysus, though there is at least one shout-out to The Wicker Man (1973). I have a soft spot for the Pagan Horror genre generally, and I think Greek Pagan Horror (in contrast to Norse or Celtic) is rather under-utilised.

(This isn’t my first piece with Eternal Haunted Summer either. I had a piece of poetry published there four years ago).

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