Causing Chaos: Of Parliamentary Submissions and Executive Reports


Time does fly. Ten years ago, I was a rabble-rousing Student Politician, fighting a brave and futile battle against the end of compulsory student union membership – not that me and my colleagues framed it that way, of course. Universal membership was a more accurate term, and while we ultimately lost, we bought New Zealand’s Students’ Associations enough time to do deals with the Universities. Hell, we nearly dragged the issue out to the 2011 election itself – a rare filibuster in a parliamentary system where things generally move very, very quickly.

Anyway, the survival of historical record has been pressing on my mind a bit recently. Even more modern stuff tends to go missing if you don’t archive it properly, and the internet itself is not immune. It’s why I occasionally cannibalise old forum posts on Elven Hair Colour or A Song of Ice and Fire Limericks – if I don’t dust this stuff off now, and put it under glass, it’ll be lost to memory. I also don’t like the idea of my rabble-rousing days disappearing into the mists of time. Not yet anyway. Not while I’m still remotely young(-ish) and the issues are still pertinent.

So in the interests of posterity, I thought I would use this post to link to my various Parliamentary Submissions, and Student Association Executive Reports. I intend this to be a work in progress, with a permanent entry on the Links page. There will always be more stuff out there to unearth. Or add, as the case may be.

Parliamentary Submissions:

  • 2010 Submission on Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill [The Big One – my anti-VSM submission. I later appeared before the Committee itself]
  • 2010 Submission II on Employment Relations Amendment Bill No.2 [This was a Bill to extend the 90 Days No Rights framework to larger businesses. I was submitting on behalf of the Otago University Students’ Association]
  • 2014 Submission on Education Amendment Bill No.2 [This was on a Bill to end automatic student representation on the governing councils of Universities]
  • 2015 Submission on an Inquiry into the 2014 Election [This was a general opinion survey of people on the way New Zealand elections are held. My submission was just a couple of points]
  • 2021 Submission on the New Zealand Bill of Rights (Declarations of Inconsistency) Amendment Bill [A rant about the evils of court-enforced Bills of Rights. The actual submission was in 2020, but for Coronavirus reasons, it has only been dealt with in 2021]

Otago University Students’ Association Executive Reports:

  • Q1 2009 (Clubs and Societies Representative)
  • Q2 2009 (Clubs and Societies Representative)
  • Q3 2009 (Clubs and Societies Representative)
  • Q4 2009 (Clubs and Societies Representative)
  • Q1 2010 (Clubs and Societies Representative)
  • Q2 2010 (Clubs and Societies Representative)
  • Q4 2010 (Clubs and Societies Representative)
  • Q1 2011 (Finance and Services Officer)

I am obviously still missing several reports. Hence this being a work in progress.

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