A Breath Through Silver – It’s Back!


In an actually… pleasant… bit of news, my sword and sorcery piece, A Breath Through Silver, has returned to the internet via a reprint. It’s also my first ever reprinted story, so huzzah. I’m clearly moving up in the world.


As a reminder, A Breath Through Silver first appeared back in July 2017, but due to the vagaries of the internet, it eventually became unavailable, and I had to store it in the purgatory of the Bonus Stories section. Not ideal.

The original version of the story is currently featured as a four part serial, across Issues #849 and #850 of Bewildering Stories.

(A revised and slightly expanded version may be on the way too, over the next few days).

Addendum: The revised version is now available at the above first link, replacing the older version.

Addendum II: The story has earned a place in Bewildering Stories Second Quarter Review 2020, including an Order of Merit designation as the highest-rated serial of the Quarter. Yay!

Addendum III: As of 28th December, 2020, the story has been featured in Bewildering Stories Annual Review 2020 – the magazine’s Mariner Awards. Double yay!

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