And Now It Begins: Dunedin Meets the Corona Virus


Everyone’s favourite Flu Pandemic has now arrived in my home town.


Worse, it’s a father and son… and the son is a High School Student. A school is basically tailor-made for the spread of infectious disease, so under a worst case scenario Dunedin could wind up in lock-down. Let’s not count plague victims before they hatch, but it is not a happy development.

Also, the supermarket shortages have started to manifest. We’re not on the scale of overseas, but as of tonight things are noticeably… different. For a start, there is no bread:

Bread on shelves

(Bread’s imported anyway, so it’s not that surprising. I’m rather happy I got my hands on a loaf yesterday).

There’s also not much in the way of pasta, rice, frozen vegetables, pies, or tinned soup. Or bananas, for some reason, even though other fruit remains untouched.

However, in continued news, we certainly aren’t running out of toilet paper:

Toilet Paper

Which continues to make us more sensible than Australians, I suppose…

2 thoughts on “And Now It Begins: Dunedin Meets the Corona Virus

  1. What shocks and surprises me is how Australia isn’t running out of beer. Never before have I live in a country more dedicated to its drink, and yet, it’s the one thing that isn’t in short supply. Remarkable.

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    • Yep. Around here, alcohol and Easter Chocolate are just sitting there, untouched. I picked up a three litre box of cask wine the other day, anticipating that it will make the next month or two at home more tolerable.

      (Knowing Dunedin, we’d be quite happy to raid the shelves for everything except Cadbury’s Chocolate. Most people around here boycott that).


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