A Struggle for Legibility: Making A Phuulish Fellow Easier to Read


My struggles last month with deciphering 400 year-old Gothic font has reminded me of a perennial complaint people have had about this blog: the bloody thing is too difficult to read. Well, I’ve finally managed to sort this out, or at least alleviated this to some degree.

Yes, it’s taken a while. Mea Culpa. I was hesitant about tinkering with such things, lest I accidentally delete the blog material via changing the Theme, which would have been disastrous. Silly, silly me… the root of the problem actually dates back four years, to when I initially set up this blog. I was interested very much in the aesthetics of the site, and never thought about, you know, readability (my own eyesight is pretty good, so it never occurred to me that others might struggle). Once I realised the problem, the spectre of accidental deletion induced procrastination… which just shows that I really am a foolish fellow when it comes to web design. Changing and enlarging font doesn’t delete anything, of course. I’m just an idiot for having such fears.

Anyway, I sincerely hope the new state of affairs is easier on the eyes. Please let me know if I’ve somehow made things worse, which I very probably have…

4 thoughts on “A Struggle for Legibility: Making A Phuulish Fellow Easier to Read

  1. Yes its an improvement, I think mainly because of the bolder face. My eyes are about 25 years older than yours and I had been struggling with the old spindly one. You might consider increasing the line spacing a smidge; the sidebar looks particularly cramped

    Is it possible to choose a lighter grey for the main text? I think there’d be room for that and still keep it different from the links. Overall it’s a great look, sort of Gothicky as befits the subject matter.

    Inclusivity remark: I was once taught that dyslexics have a special problem with serif typefaces.

    Thanks again for a great site


    • Alas, the colour of the font, and the width of the side-bar seem to be a function of the Theme. What I can play around with is the size and type of the font.

      (I’ve also gone back to my older posts, to fix up the quoting system, and break up the bigger paragraphs. Hopefully that makes the older stuff more readable too).

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