Ranking Father Ted

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I’ve finished a binge of that great comedy classic, Father Ted, my first in a good three years. Here’s my attempt at ranking the episodes.

(Bearing in mind that there are no “bad” episodes here, and this simply reflects personal preference).

  1. Hell (S2)
  2. Speed 3 (S3)
  3. Are You Right There, Father Ted? (S3)
  4. Kicking Bishop Brennan Up the Arse (S3)
  5. A Song for Europe (S2)
  6. The Passion of Saint Tibulus (S1)
  7. Flight Into Terror (S2)
  8. Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading (S2)
  9. New Jack City (S2)
  10. Tentacles of Doom (S2)
  11. Rock a Hula Ted (S2)
  12. And God Created Woman (S1)
  13. Grant Unto Him Eternal Rest (S1)
  14. Think Fast, Father Ted (S2)
  15. The Plague (S2)
  16. Night of the Nearly Dead (S3)
  17. Churpy Burpy Cheap Sheep (S3)
  18. Going to America (S3)
  19. A Christmassy Ted (S2)
  20. Escape from Victory (S3)
  21. The Mainland (S3)
  22. Old Grey Whistle Theft (S2)
  23. Entertaining Father Stone (S1)
  24. Competition Time (S1)
  25. Good Luck, Father Ted (S1)

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