Mulled Wine

It’s been yet another warm Winter in this part of the world… but thankfully over the last few days Dunedin has returned to normal. We may or may not be getting some snow too, which reaffirms my belief in the natural order of things.

Anyway, to celebrate the belated (and no doubt temporary) arrival of Winter, I popped down to the supermarket, and grabbed the ingredients for some mulled wine.

Mulled Wine

I like my mulled wine sweet. Very sweet. And choc-full of spices.

Anyway, my preferred way of making it:

  • Three litres of cheap cask wine
  • 400g of brown sugar (yes, really)
  • Two tablespoons of honey (no kill like overkill…)
  • Four oranges
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Mixed Spice
  • Nutmeg
  • Cloves

Pour the wine into a nice big saucepan. Chop the oranges into quarters, and squeeze the slices into the wine. Then drop the slices in too, and leave them.

Add the sugar, honey, and spices. I personally take the viewpoint that one cannot have too much ginger and cinnamon, though I’m a bit more sparing with the nutmeg (obviously) and cloves. Stir, while heating the saucepan until the wine is hot (not boiling, but at least giving off a decent amount of vapour).

Once the wine is hot, turn down the heat, and ladle out some, into a glass. Try the wine as an experiment. If it’s not sweet enough, add more sugar. If you can’t taste the cloves or other spices, add some more of that. If in doubt, add more ginger and cinnamon. If it’s fine… let the wine sit overnight in the saucepan (seriously, it gets better the longer you leave it), reheat, then consume. Chances are, the three litres will last you several days.

The big trick is leaving the orange slices in, and don’t worry about cloves between the teeth, or the gunk at the bottom of your glass. It’s all part of the experience.

3 thoughts on “Mulled Wine

    • Dunedin never gets truly cold in terms of temperature – we are a coastal city – but it’s a damp cold, not a dry cold, which makes a significant difference.

      Our last nasty winter was 2015. A proper winter here involves snowfall (September 2011 was a week-long blizzard), or at least an icy sleet. 2016-2019 have been warm, with only the occasional nasty frost on clear nights.


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