2019: Dunedin Midwinter Carnival

This evening, I attended the annual Dunedin midwinter carnival: one of those lovely little local traditions, where people gather around the city centre, buy themselves some hot food and/or mulled wine, and watch the lantern parade. Yay for the Winter Solstice! Since my photos last year weren’t that great, I decided to try and capture the parade with a video clip from my phone, as the lanterns and marchers passed down Lower Stuart Street into the Octagon (I had a good viewing location). Unfortunately, as I now realise, any clip longer than a few seconds is too big for my phone to send. Bugger.

On the other hand, a friend of mine took a much better photo from George Street/Moray Place, looking down to the Octagon:


The weather was pretty warm for mid-June, but then we have had a series of mild winters in this part of the world (the last nasty one being 2015). Climate change strikes again.

Oh, and since it’s the Winter Solstice, here is an old poem of mine, published in 2016 at Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.

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