Wise Phuul Bonus Material: The Dragonbone Pipes

Those of you who have read Wise Phuul may recall a scene in Chapter Five, where Teltö and Dyrstin are at the theatre watching a play, The Dragonbone Pipes. The published book cuts off the scene as the curtain opens (p.70.), and the next thing you see is our protagonists clapping. The reader never gets to see any of the production itself.


As a trivia point, there was actually an account of The Dragonbone Pipes in the draft – it simply hit the proverbial cutting-room floor during the editing process. Much like the map, I have decided to share it with you now, on the basis that it gives some idea of what popular culture within the Viiminian Empire is like. Consider it a curiosity. A strictly non-canonical curiosity.

The Dragonbone Pipes

(Italics are, of course, Teltö’s thoughts on watching the play).

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