Ivor Update: November

It’s been a while, but my D&D character, Ivor, has finally hit seventh level. He’s multiclassed too, taking a level in Warlock (which makes him Bard 6/Warlock 1). Eldritch Blast is awesome – so awesome that our DM tonight decided to nerf it, via making it a Level One spell, rather than a cantrip.

Ivor’s spells are now as follows:

  • Cantrips: Friends, Minor Illusion, Vicious Mockery, Eldritch Blast*, Chill Touch
  • 1st Level: Faerie Fire, Unseen Servant, Dissonant Whispers, Healing Word, Hex, Inflict Wounds [Magical Secrets] [Dropped – Heroism, Sleep, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter]
  • 2nd Level: Invisibility, Suggestion, Silence
  • 3rd Level: Hypnotic Pattern, Major Image, Animate Dead [Magical Secrets]

*Treated as 1st Level


  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 15
  • Constitution: 15
  • Intelligence: 10
  • Wisdom: 10
  • Charisma: 18 (incl +1 Boots of Charisma)

The Warlock deal is with the Fae.

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