A Change of Government [New Zealand Politics]

Tonight, New Zealand First decided to go into coalition with Labour – thereby bringing an end to nine years of National (Conservative) Government.

One thing I find vaguely amusing?

John Armstrong’s post-election article, back on 24th September, so utterly convinced National had got itself another three years:

And so the National Party juggernaut just keeps rolling on and on and on. Who or what can stop Bill English and company rolling into a fourth term in power?

On election-night results, a Labour-New Zealand First-Greens combo is technically still alive. But only in the way Elvis Presley is still alive.

Those on the centre-left clinging to that hope are really clinging to the wreckage of what to be blunt was a hideously disappointing night for that portion of the political spectrum.

Regardless of whether English can get Winston Peters’ signature on the the dotted line of some form of confidence-and-supply document, the election results are an absolute triumph for National’s leader of barely nine months, pure and simple.

Sorry, Mr Armstrong, but guess what?


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