Happy 50th birthday to Adrian Mole

One of English Literature’s great fictional diarists turns 50 (in-universe) today:


A crying shame that Townsend herself passed away several years ago, but her creation will always have a special place in my heart. I had a great fondness for the books in my teenage years – not because I particularly identified with him (my life is a good deal less complicated, and I’m 15+ years younger), but because he was so damn fun to read about. Adrian is completely clueless, of course, yet strangely endearing.

Looking at Wise Phuul, I think Adrian Mole is actually one of the unconscious influences for Teltö’s character – the very mundane, not-very-bright young man who misses much of what is going on around him. Not that Teltö ever has a Pandora.


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