March writing update

I haven’t written much in the way of blog posts this month, because I’ve been doing what writers are supposed to do: writing actual stories.


This month has been pretty productive. I now have a short story of some 8,800 words (at that length, I think it’s technically a novelette) at essentially completion stage. I’ll give it one final look-over tomorrow, and then start sending it out to magazines.

The story in question is entitled A Breath Through Silver (bonus points to anyone who gets the reference). It’s my first attempt at full-blown Sword & Sorcery, and was great fun to write.

Edit – I’ve also been revisiting my short-stories from last year, the ones that didn’t go anywhere. Giving them a read-over with fresh eyes, I can see why. I’ve fixed up one, entitled The Happiest Man Alive, and will see if the remaining markets are interested.


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