MBTI and Wise Phuul

I ran across one of Jo Zebedee’s posts the other day, which floated the idea of using Myers-Briggs typology to categorise one’s own fictional characters. So I figured – why not? Here is what I have come up with, though note that Death of the Author applies, so my guesses on character personality are no more valid than anyone else’s.

  • Teltö – ISTP
  • Dyrstin – ESFP
  • Sufael – INFJ
  • Rhea – INTP
  • Frevorum Groon – INTP
  • Keeker – ESFJ
  • The Ambassador – ENTP
  • Physsil – ISTP
  • Prince Oym – INFP
  • Reqi – ESTP
  • Söstä – ISTJ
  • Speer – INTP
  • Tuvena – INTJ
  • Ventiko – ENTJ
  • Vöder – ISTJ
  • Vyrellävek – INFJ
  • Welleorm – ENFJ

The one I am truly stuck on is Tuvena. I ran her through the online test, and it came back ISTJ. Problem is that while she is in a very ISTJ-ish role, she is too cynical about traditional authority to be a good fit for it.

Edit – after further reflection, I’ve categorised Tuvena as INTJ.


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