Awards eligibility post

I normally wouldn’t do this, for fear of looking like an arrogant presumptive egomaniac, but Cat Rambo, the President of the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) has been encouraging authors to identify their award-eligible work for 2016. So here we go.

Novel: Wise Phuul

“The worst events make the best art. So we must stop good art before it happens, yes?”

“Only if you can control history.”

“The purpose of politics, lad, if there is one. Though I often think it’s more being in the right place at the right time. For myself, I prefer the easel. It’s easier to depict events than create them, and one’s work lasts longer.”

Short stories: None. I wrote a fair few in the first part of the year, but have had no luck with the magazines thus far.

Poetry: On the off-chance there is some obscure award category for fantasy-themed poetry (I’m not aware of any, but there might be), I’ve managed two published fantasy poems this year – The Faerie Knoll and The Night Before Yule.

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