So what is this Wise Phuul?

Short answer: it’s a book.

Longer answer: it’s a book I’ve been working on in some form since 2007 (most of the writing was done in 2011-2012, during a particularly horrific time in my life). I’d been refining it and submitting it to literary agents and small presses since 2013, tinkering as necessary in accordance with feedback. By my count, it was rejected about 35 times, before (yay!) it was accepted in early November 2015 by the lovely people at Inspired Quill.

Inspired Quill are a small British publisher, who consider themselves a social enterprise. This means they see one of their defining duties as giving back to (and assisting) the wider community. Which I think is awesome, especially given the current state of the publishing industry (depressing fact – there are only five or so major commercial publishers on the planet; what you might think of as publishers are often only imprints of one of those giants. Small presses – the legitimate ones, not the crooks – have to be quite nimble and specialised to survive in this commercial environment).

The book itself is one of those beasts that likes to play fast and loose with genre lines. I personally categorise it as steampunk-flavoured dark fantasy – the protagonist is a Necromancer who runs around in a world with vaguely 1900-level technology*. And by Necromancer I don’t mean mere consulting with spirits – I mean a character who physically raises the dead as part of his mundane day job. This is a society where boring menial production is the realm of the zombie**. That said, I’m not overly bothered by traditional genre boundaries – I prefer to write the story, and see what happens. I’m pretty sure Wise Phuul strays into the realms of science-fiction, horror, political thriller and/or LGBT fiction at points.

The book is currently pencilled in for a November 2016 release, in both e-book and paperback. Update – 22nd November, 2016, is the scheduled date for the paperback, 23rd November for the e-book.

*Yes, there are airships.

** Not called zombie in the book. No, they don’t eat flesh.

Update II – Pre-orders now open.

Update III – Book now released. See the designated page for more.


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